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Fragrances used are sourced with complete attention to detail (also cruelty free) just perfect for scenting common areas, whereas essential oils are ideal for therapeutic mood enhancement - 'both' with a long-lasting aroma. All our products are poured by hand to order here in my hotel in Blackpool (colours may vary because each batch is freshly bespoke.) I have sourced the finest ingredients using a melt and pour technique. All soaps come with natural exfoliants or botanicals to include oatmeal, fruit, dried petals or poppy seeds. Where I have used crushed crystals in the wax melts, they are cleansed in the elements and attuned with reiki.  



About South Shore Soap Co

Our Commitment

South Shore Soap Co was founded during lockdown January 2021, when I decided to reach out to ‘you’ the public with my favourite 'hand poured' soap and wax melts for my own hotel. I have carefully selected therapeutic aromas and the finest fragrance oils for your luxury, to buy online or at my hotel -  to include free samples in guest rooms.

I share with you a selection of luxurious fragrances and essential oils which are all cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable and produced in the UK. The plant based crystal (melt and pour) soap is rich in glycerine with a creamy lather - free from the synthetic surfactants sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate and perfectly PH balanced to leave your skin feeling nourished.

The soy wax (for the melts) is 100% natural from the soy bean. All colourants are mica minerals. We do NOT use or endorse palm oil in any of our products.


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Essential Oils

Some oils may contain allergens so please consult a physician if you are in any doubt.


YLANG YLANG: Ylang ylang oil is made from the flowers of the herb Cananga odorata genuina. People apply ylang ylang oil to the skin to promote relaxation, kill bacteria, lower blood pressure, and increase sexual desire.

ROSEMARY: has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help heal skin conditions such as acne, eczema and dermatitis. It is also known to ease puffiness or swelling. 

CLARY SAGE: Stress reduction. Aromatherapy uses the power of scent to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety. Antibacterial properties. Natural antidepressant. Alleviation of menopause symptoms
Reducing menstrual cramps.

CINNAMON: The scent of cinnamon is spicy, sweet, and for many, filled with happy memories of delicious food and cosy days. Cinnamon oil is prized for its lush fragrance. It’s also linked to several health and beauty benefits.
LEMON OIL: Lemon essential oil can be diluted and applied topically to your skin, as well as diffused into the air and inhaled. Some people swear by lemon essential oil as an ingredient that fights exhaustion, helps with depression, clears your skin, kills harmful viruses and bacteria, and reduces inflammation.
SPEARMINT: Spearmint is calming and a digestive system tonic. The aroma creates a feeling of joy and happiness, making the oil useful in stress-relieving blends. Spearmint is ideal for problem skin.
SWEET ORANGE: Aromatherapy with orange essential oil appears to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is also a mild antiseptic.

LAVENDER OIL: Lavender oil can benefit the skin in numerous ways. It has the ability to lessen acne, help lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. It can even be used to treat other things, like improving hair health and digestion.

CEDARWOOD: Cedarwood essential oil has a woodsy scent. It’s extracted from many varieties of cedar and juniper trees.
Cedarwood oil has many potential uses. Prevalent among these are its applications for alopecia areata. It may also be beneficial for skin conditions, such as acne. Also cedarwood may help promote sleep and relaxation.

TEA TREE: Tea tree oil can be used to treat conditions and symptoms that affect skin, nails, and hair. It can also be used as a deodorant, insect repellent, or mouthwash. When used topically, tea tree oil can treat certain skin conditions or improve the overall appearance of your skin. Tea tree creates a rejuvenating aroma.

HIMALAYAN SALT: Himalayan salt crystals contain minerals, small enough for our body and skin to absorb, providing amazing therapeutic benefits to skin, body, and mind. Including:
•    Chromium – Fights acne and reduces skin infections.
•    Zinc – aids in the healing and helps prevent scarring. It helps prevent acne by regulating the activity of oil glands.
•    Sulfur – keeps skin clear and smooth helps to diminish dry patches.

ROSE GERANIUM: Rose geranium essential oil is also used to promote emotional stability, alleviate pain, stimulate healing from burns and wounds, enhance mood, and reduce inflammation. Rose Geranium leaves the skin feel nurtured and nourished.

South Shore Soap Co

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