• Tiffany Harper

Bath Bombs - Amber Candles - Apricot and Pear Soap!

Soon we will be sharing our first two bath bomb additions to South Shore Soap Co. With more on the way. Small steps first, so we've chosen our ideal fragrances for Spring and Summer which are Gardenia (fragrance oil) and then Rose Geranium with Lavender (essential oil).

The South Shore Soap Co. Bath Bombs are fully licensed and are designed with holistic bath time luxury in mind. Our ingredients include Olive Oil for nourished skin and Himalayan Rock Salt for deep cleansing and purification. Also citrus, sodium bicarbonate and cornflour. No harsh or toxic chemicals. The perfect balance for healthy refreshed skin and relaxation during your bath time fun!

Also on the way a new range of Pamper Boxes to include a selection for doggy lovers in the shape of a cute little pup and bone shaped wax melts full of stunning aromas and eco glitter. Plus ... a very sweet Bunny Pamper Box too! Ideal to treat yourself or for the perfect gift. Your purchase supports a small business and also something special, hand made in Blackpool with heaps of love and forethought. We love what we do.

Our soap is formulated not to decompose on the side of the sink or bath, remaining firm. Making each bar of soap and smaller guest soap ideal to place on bath tubs and basins without a soap dish. Simply rub the soap directly onto the body to create a soft lather of bubbles rich in glycerine, leaving your skin feeling silky soft. Thus making our soap bars last much longer than many others on the market.

We are delighted to announce we have a certificate in soap making with a new approved fragrance that is 'Apricot and Pear'. The most exquisite scent imaginable. Fresh, zesty and truly aromatic with fruity bursts of self nurturing pleasure!

We are also in the process of creating a range of candles in amber jars with some exciting new scents. Since we are in the process of relocating we will be a while longer but it's going to be worth the wait. We are almost there! Touche ...

South Shore Soap Co.